The countdown is on and you’re now 6 months to 3 months away from your big day: If you’re thinking about getting Botox or other fillers, Vermont Med Spa, spa director, Chandra Bredel, LE recommends scheduling your first treatment now, to ensure there’s enough time to detect for unwanted side effects or to complete any touch-ups as the day gets closer.

Remember: Botox takes a few days to 3 weeks to reveal optimal results and usually lasts anywhere from 2 months to 5 months, depending on a few factors (metabolism, areas treated, dosage, etc). You can also begin a series of laser hair removal, photofacials, RF Microneedling, Microcurrent face or body treatments, RF Skin Tightening, or chemical peels, depending on the cosmetic concern you’re trying to correct. Most of these can be done every month, with the exception of laser hair removal (every six weeks), so you’ll be able to get at least three treatments in before your big day to ensure smooth, clear skin.

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