Non Surgical PDO Facelift

What are PDO Threads and How Do They Work?

PDO Threads are hypodermic needles that are preloaded with a synthetic PDO absorbable suture. These sutures are FDA approved and are one of the safest options when performing a Thread Lift. After 4 to 6 months pass, your skin will fully absorb the thread without leaving scar tissue. The threads under your skin will create a selective inflammatory response to produce collagen that will create a long-lasting result. By using thread under the skin to lift up loose skin, your skin will repair itself over time and create a new collagen

What cosmetic concerns does a PDO thread lift procedure treat?

  1. Facial Skin Laxity: A PDO thread lift encourages collagen production to lift and tighten facial and neck skin.
  2. Neck & Jawline Definition: A PDO thread lift lifts tissues into a suspended position for improved contouring.

Which Areas Can Be Treated With The PDO Threads?

The most common treatment areas are the cheeks, brows, jowls, and upper neck. Although these areas are the most common, Thread Lift can be performed anywhere on the body, including the upper arms, thighs, and stomach. 

The treatment area will be numbed and marked before the procedure. Once the topical and local anesthetic is applied, the Thread Lift is started by inserting the threads under the skin using a small needle to lift and support saggy skin. Once the needle is inserted, the thread can reposition the skin. When the procedure is complete, the needle is removed without any scarring. 

Recovery Like After A Thread Lift

For most patients, the pain after the procedure can be treated with acetaminophen and ibuprofen (OTC medications). If needed, Dr. El Asmar can prescribe pain medication. Mild swelling and bruising is common shortly after the procedure and will subside within a few days if the area is iced.


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