It’s not fair. Your friends with wrinkles can smooth them out with just a few injections of Botox and hyaluronic-acid dermal fillers like Juvederm. But those injectable remedies can’t do anything to resolve your turkey neck, double chin, and jowls.

Your only remedy is a face-lift or — if you have early sagging — a mini-lift. Right?

Luckily, you’re wrong! Thanks to advances in medical aesthetics, you can melt away double chins and jowls and even tighten your skin without an incision or a stitch. Vermont Med Spa in Los Angeles, California offers a cutting-edge, fat-dissolving and skin-tightening treatment called Kybella that transforms your lower face, jawline, and neck with a series of treatments that only take 15-20 minutes.

Don’t cut your chin, melt it

Kybella is an injectable treatment that’s composed of a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid. Your body produces deoxycholic acid to break down and digest the fat you consume in your diet. The synthetic deoxycholic acid molecule in Kybella looks and acts just like your own natural fat buster, melting away your unwanted fat cells so that they can’t function anymore.

After the acid breaks apart the fat cell walls and melts the fat, your body processes the debris and flushes it away through normal excretion methods. You can remove about 25% of your fatty chin during each Kybella treatment.

Just a few weeks to a new profile

Because your body needs time to process the dead fat cells, you don’t see your Kybella results right away. But within 12-18 weeks, you’ll notice an appreciable decrease in the size of your submental (under chin) fat.

Most men and women need 3-6 Kybella treatments to get the firm, fat-free chin and lower face they desire. You need to leave about a month or two between each treatment to allow your body to process the dead fat cells and to heal from the injections.

Your treatment is customized

Based on your fat distribution and your ultimate goal, Dr. El Asmar chooses the injection sites for your Kybella treatment. He places a specially designed template underneath your chin to guide his needle.

As an expert Kybella injector, Dr. El Asmar is careful to inject just enough Kybella to remove about one-fourth of your fat. Less experienced injectors sometimes inject too much Kybella, which can cause something known as the “bullfrog effect” — an unflattering swelling of the submental area that can last for a couple of weeks.

During your consultation, Dr. El Asmar also estimates how many treatments you need to get the results you want. More than half of women and men need about six treatments. More than six are not recommended.

One of the benefits of the waiting period between treatment sessions is that it gives you time to evaluate the early effects of the treatments you’ve had so far. You can stop Kybella whenever you’ve reached your goal.

Don’t even think about a face-lift

Minimally or noninvasive treatments like Kybella let you put off surgical anti-aging remedies, or even avoid them altogether. In addition to being a quick and fairly comfortable procedure, Kybella injections require virtually no downtime.

You may have some tenderness, swelling, and bruising, but these resolve within days. Other reported side effects are usually due to errors by an inexperienced injector who doesn’t understand neural and muscular anatomy. You can return to most normal activities about 15 minutes after your treatment, though Dr. El Asmar recommends avoiding the gym and other stressful situations until any swelling or tenderness you may have resolves.

Kybella tightens your skin, too

Another advantage of Kybella injections is that the process of melting away your fat initiates a wound response in your skin. Your body boosts its production of collagen and elastin, which then firm up your chin and neckline.

If Kybella’s skin tightening effects aren’t enough to take away your turkey neck entirely, Dr. El Asmar recommends treating your skin with rejuvenating lasers that give you even more strengthening collagen and elastin.

The sooner you get started with Kybella, the sooner you’ll have a thinner, firmer, younger-looking lower face and neck. Call Dr. El Asmar’s office to schedule a Kybella appointment, or book one online.


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