VERMONT MEDSPA HAS A 10% discount to active military members and veterans, to receive your discount code, simply bring your copy or photo of your Active Duty ID card, Reserves/Guardsman ID card.

Please note, the 10% discount is off of the cost of the procedure only, does not include the extra cost pre-op labs or additional testing.

Thank you for your service and the sacrifices made to protect our country!

Members of the U.S. military make sacrifices everyday to ensure our nation’s security, and guarantee the freedom that so many of us take for granted. These sacrifices tend to go unrecognized, and if we do acknowledge them we can struggle with adequately expressing our gratitude for the work these brave men and women in uniform do.

Teachers Discounts

No matter what kind of student you may have been (or may be currently), or how you feel about school in general, it’s likely that at least one teacher has made a lasting, personal impact on your life. After all, educators are society’s unsung heroes generation after generation. They provide practical advice, offer encouragement to dream big, share their passions in the name of learning, and even open students’ eyes to their own future vocation. They give so much of themselves (unfortunately, even spending their own $$ on items for their classes). That’s why we want to offer teachers a 10%  discounts!


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