Finding the right kind of injectable can be difficult, but for those who want to go beyond superficial rejuvenation, it’s essential to find the treatment that can address the very causes of aging. Sculptra® Aesthetic aims to not only soften the appearance of deep wrinkles and restore volume to gaunt features, but to replenish the stores of collagen in your skin. By targeting the root causes of aging, the effects of treatment can last for as long as two years. Sculptra® Aesthetic is a simple yet effective cosmetic injectable treatment that delivers powerful renewal by injecting a state-of-the-art formula into aging facial skin. The treatment solution is made up of microparticles of Poly-L-Lactic Acid, a material that changes the very makeup of the skin to trigger the renewal and reinvigoration of our skin cells. With this treatment, Dr. Kato isn’t just creating the appearance of youth, but truly turning back the hands of time.

What Causes Aging

When we age, our skin slows down its production of collagen, one of the most essential proteins that help keep our skin tight and elastic. The loss of collagen over time results in a loss of volume and structure in the skin. Once that happens, our increasingly delicate skin starts to wrinkle and fold, creating the deep creases and troughs that we associate with aging.

Different Signs of Aging

Since we’re all unique, everybody has different signs of aging, and the severity of each sign of aging with age will also vary. Some of the most common signs of aging are smile lines, marionette lines, and chin wrinkles. Smile lines, also known as nasolabial folds, are the deep creases that appear from the nose down to the corners of the mouth. Marionette lines are the deep creases that go from the corners of the mouth down to the chin, while chin wrinkles are the fine lines that appear on the chin. Facial flaws like sunken features and hollow cheeks are often the result of a reduction of facial volume and a loss of facial fat—which are also typical consequences of aging. With Sculptra®, you can specifically target these frustrating signs of aging with a potent combination of instant and long-term rejuvenation.

Patient Results

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*Images courtesy of Galderma.

What is Poly L Lactic Acid?

Poly-L-Lactic Acid is Sculptra®’s magic ingredient, the substance responsible for its collagen-rebuilding mechanism. The synthetic Poly-L-Lactic Acid is biocompatible and biodegradable, meaning that it is completely safe to use; in fact, Poly-L-Lactic Acid is commonly used in medical devices and materials, such as pins, screws, bone and tissue implants, dissolvable stitches, and delivery systems for certain compounds. More importantly, Poly-L-Lactic Acid directly stimulates collagen production in the skin, which then strengthens and revives the collagen fibers that support our skin. Once Poly-L-Lactic Acid gets to work, the restored collagen structures create a natural lifting and tightening effect on the face, smoothing out deep wrinkles and enhancing youthful fullness in the cheeks. Over the next few months, you should be able to gradually see your results as your body naturally responds to the treatment.

Sculptra® Recovery

As an injectable, treatment does not have a long or painful recovery like other facial surgical procedures. There’s no downtime required after the procedure, and patients can return to their daily activities immediately after the treatment. Some patients experience temporary side effects like swelling, redness, tenderness, bruising, and lumps, but these should go away in just a few days. Massaging the treatment area a few times a day is recommended by many physicians in order to lower the risk lump formation in the skin.


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