What is Restylane®?

Since the product line was launched, Restylane dermal fillers have become among the most popular facial rejuvenation solutions for patients. Rather than taking the one-size fits all approach, the suite of Restylane products include several different dermal filler formulas to better address different areas of the face that have lost collagen. Each type of Restylane filler is made out of hyaluronic acid, allowing the fillers to nourish the skin while smoothing deep wrinkles, restoring fullness to hollow areas, and enhancing the lips. Aesthetic Art carries a diverse array of fillers to make sure you have the best treatment for your rejuvenation needs.

What is Hyaluronic Acid and How Does it Work?

While patients can choose from several different Restylane® filler options, the main formula remains the same across treatments. Restylane® relies on hyaluronic acid to help add volume to skin cells. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally-produced compound responsible for helping skin cells retain moisture. Much like collagen production, hyaluronic acid production slows as we age. By adding more hyaluronic acid to depleted areas of the skin, Restylane® products restore much needed volume to diminished, sunken parts of the face.

In addition to hyaluronic acid, Restylane fillers are formulated using highly effective NASHA technology. NASHA technology essentially creates additional cross-linking in the gel’s hyaluronic acid particles, allowing for a more stable and durable gel that is not as quickly absorbed by the body. The NASHA technique also allows each filler to have different particle sizes, giving them unique properties that can better treat a diverse array of conditions. Because of their advanced formulas, Restylane®, Silk, and Defyne provide substantial lift and fullness while allowing the skin to look and feel natural.

The Benefits of Restylane®

Because of its smooth, soft gel, Restylane®’s original dermal filler is optimal for treating signs of aging like nasolabial folds and marionette lines and volumizing the lips. The natural-looking results have also been shown to last for as long as six months. Patients choose this traditional Restylane® treatment to for the following facial conditions:

  • Treat mild to moderate nasolabial folds and marionette lines
  • Enhance thin or shrinking lips
  • Improve the appearance of tear trough hollows and hollows below the eyes

What is Restylane Lyft?

Thanks to its incredibly sturdy and firm consistency, Restylane® Lyft can restore volume to areas as large as the cheeks as well as lift and smooth out deep wrinkles on the face. The solution is injected relatively deeper than other dermal fillers and has heavier particles of hyaluronic acid; this has the effect of making the treatment less painful while creating substantial lift. Clinical trials have shown that up to 73% of patients continue to show improvement even 12 months after their treatment. Additional benefits include:

  • Minimization of moderate to severe wrinkles and creases
  • Treatment of midface volume loss
  • Dramatic and lasting improvement in aesthetic issues

Restylane® vs. Silk & Lyft – What Makes them Unique?

Because it has even smaller particles of hyaluronic acid, Restylane® Silk is a softer gel perfect for treating delicate areas like the lips and the wrinkles around it. It can also emphasize lip contours like the cupid’s bow for more alluring lips. Despite its soft consistency, Silk has incredibly long-lasting results. One study showed that almost 60% of patients continued to see lip enhancement even 6 months after the injections. The results of this particular formula include:

  • Increasing the volume of the lips
  • Contouring the lips
  • Smoothing smoker’s lines

What to Expect During Restylane® Treatment

Not only are these dermal fillers delivered using an incredibly fine needle, but the formulas all have lidocaine in them to help minimize any discomfort. Many patients report the treatments as feeling somewhat painless, like a quick pinch. After the treatment, patients will be able to return to work or their normal activities; however, patients do experience mild side effects like swelling, redness, pain, soreness, and bruising. The side effects from facial treatments tend to dissipate after a week, while the side effects from lip injections usually disappear after the 2-week mark.





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