It’s almost time to whip out the bikini or board shorts again, but you’ve got a muffin top that just won’t quit. Or maybe you’ve got saddlebags, love handles, saggy arm fat, or all of the above. SmartLipo may be the answer for you!

If you have excess fat on your body that hasn’t responded to healthy exercise and clean eating, you’ve probably been thinking about using liposuction or some other fat-elimination technique to contour your body. But with all of the latest, greatest ways to make your fat take a permanent hike, you’re not sure which to pick.

While liposuction may seem like an old-fashioned choice, today’s liposuction offers a slew of advantages over trendy noninvasive body-contouring systems. Expert aesthetician Dr. Imad El Asmar, founder of Vermont Med Spa, shares why state-of-the-art SmartLipo Triplex™ beats the other systems hands down.

SmartLipo’s fast

You want a better body by summer, which is just around the corner. Noninvasive fat-elimination techniques that use cold, heat, or radiofrequency energy to zap fat take several sessions and many months to work.

SmartLipo, in contrast, is a one-day procedure. This laser-assisted technique vacuums up all of your unwanted fat at once. You can start to see the difference in your figure within a week.

In just one day, you can get rid of your:

  • Muffin top
  • Love handles
  • Saddlebags
  • Arm fat
  • Back fat
  • Bra fat
  • Under-arm fat
  • Neck fat
  • Leg fat
  • Double chin

SmartLipo’s minimally invasive

Unlike traditional liposuction, which uses large cannulas (tubes) to suction fat through multiple incisions, SmartLipo’s cannulas are so small that your incisions heal without scarring. With its state-of-the-art SmartSense™ technology, SmartLipo sends laser waves into your fat to heat and melt it, making it easy to remove.

You don’t need general anesthesia for SmartLipo, either. It’s an in-office procedure that’s performed with a local anesthetic.

SmartLipo tightens your skin

Another advantage of SmartLipo’s SmartSense laser technology is that the heat from the laser stimulates your skin to produce new collagen and elastin. While other fat-elimination techniques may leave you with skin that bags due to the loss of supporting fat, the new collagen and elastin that SmartLipo produces tightens and firms your skin so it can adjust to the missing volume.

The combination of fat-removal and skin-tightening is like getting two cutting-edge aesthetic procedures in one. Your new collagen and elastin help make your lipo results extra smooth, uniform, and beautiful.

SmartLipo creates more finely tuned curves

If you’re just steps away from a killer bod, SmartLipo can help you achieve it. Your aesthetic professional uses the small cannulas to sculpt your body with more precision than the large paddles and applicators of noninvasive fat eliminators.

If you wish, you can use SmartLipo to define your muscles and really make them pop. Your Vermont Med Spa aesthetic expert can even create six-pack abs that make you look like you’ve spent a lifetime in the gym.

SmartLipo lets you put your feet up

Although SmartLipo is a minimally invasive technique, you may be a little swollen and uncomfortable for a few days. It’s the perfect time to take off from work and household chores to just let your body heal.

Even if you feel perfectly fine, who’s to know? SmartLipo gives you a great excuse for ordering takeout and feeling like the carefree star you are.

Ready to get started on your newly contoured body, free of fatty bulges and loose skin? Contact the aesthetic professionals at Vermont Med Spa by phone or online form to set up your SmartLipo consultation today.


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